Naval Gaming Convention

NAVCON is exclusively dedicated to NAVAL wargaming encompassing miniatures,
board games, card games, and more of all Eras - from Ancients, to Modern.

Friday, October 20
Saturday, October 21
Sunday, October 22

12pm - 11pm
8am - 11pm
8am - 2 pm

Gaming events available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

  • In 2016 NAVCON joined forces with WHAT-KHAN to allow for both Conventions to grow. WHAT-KHAN & NAVCON will now be held at ROCK-CON. ROCK-CON has been the Rockford Game Convention for the past 44 years and What-Khan is pleased to come home to the well loved name.
  • NAVCON will have designated floor and table space in ROCK-CON's gaming hall.

    This decision for NAVCON to merge with another area convention was not entered into lightly and the NAVCON Staff will be present. To read more about this transition, please see the 2016 letter below.

    The Voyage of Navcon...

    What is now Navcon was founded in the early 90's by Paul Schindler. He ran it at a couple of I-94/Hwy. 50 area venues for 3 or 4 years, one year I believe running one in the spring and one in the fall. He called it RPC Con for at least part of its run. Paul also published a naval magazine called "Naval Gazette". He ran it for a year then with Bob Bobulka, before Bob took it over and ran it himself for 2 more years, before stepping away. The con then went dormant till 2004, when Ron Mazurkiewicz convinced myself, Rick Durand and Jayson Abbott to restart it that year at Milwaukee Game Fest. Quite a learning experience. We started back up for good in 2006 in South Milwaukee before moving in 2009 to the Salvation Army Oak Creek Centennial Corps facility.

    We looked long and hard over the last couple of years for a good home throughout the Midwest for Navcon, as we all decided it was time to step away. When we met with the staff from the Rockford convention it was clear the two cons were a good fit for each other, now and in the future as they both grow. Ron, Dave and I will be there to help with the transition. Based on the fact that it is still in October and still in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area we hope you all can continue to come, and we look forward to welcoming you there.

    And now, some people need to take a bow...

    A big thank you to the wonderful & unselfish volunteers that made it possible to resurrect, staff & run the con over the years including Jayson Abbott, Rick Durand, Bob Cissne, "Website Mike" Miserendino, Dave Nelson, Tom Beach & last but not least Ron Mazurkiewicz.

    Thanks to our "friends & sponsors" including Naval Warfare Simulations, GMT Games, Minden Games, Against The Odds Magazine, Omega Games/Paper Wars, Legion Games, Clash Of Arms Games, High Flying Dice Games, Thoroughbred Miniatures, Admiralty Trilogy Group, Jack Greene and Larry Bond for the great door prizes and other favors.

    Thanks to the great guys that gave war college presentations including Leonard Krol, Jack Greene, Bill Gibbs, Major Dave Wesley, Mel Douyette, Mike Nagel & Harry Pratt.

    And last but not least to all the great guys that traveled the miles & miles to unselfishly run games for all to play, for those that came to play them and to the volunteers who put in a extra time so that others could have a great convention!

    Hope to see you this October at Navcon at What-khan in Rockford!

    Regards, Mark Nies

    All registrations will be handled through WWW.ROCK-CON.COM.


Please see WWW.ROCK-CON.COM "Admission" for pricing.

Convention Location - NEW LOCATION FROM 2016!!


Tebala Event Center
7910 Newberg Road
Rockford, Illinois

Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans & First Responders

Show your military ID at registration and attend for discounted admission!

The following Flickr photo galleries from NAVCON events are courtesy of Jeff Knudsen:

NAVCON 2010 Photos
NAVCON 2011 Photos
NAVCON 2012 Photos
NAVCON 2013 Photos

NAVCON 2014 Photos



2017 Events

Please see WWW.ROCK-CON.COM "Events" for 2017 Events.

Event Submission

Want to run a naval game? Now is the time to submit your events for NAVCON! If you have a larger than average, and/or longer than average scenario, this is your opportunity. NAVCON has the space and the time for such events and is especially interested in accepting them.

To submit an event please complete the online registration here and click on the "Event Registration" bar. Any questions regarding events, contact the event coordinator:

Antina Richards-Pennock

2017 Silent Auction

Flea MarketFind games, miniatures, books, and magazines!
ROCK-CON will be hosting the annual Silent Auction throughout Saturday for those wishing to sell games or related items. Please see for more information. ROCK-CON reserves the right to reject any submitted item as inappropriate.

Registration is available online at the above link. Sellers, Rock-Con provides security staff for all items during the auction which allows you to leave all items, even those that are rare and/or expensive, for review by potential buyers.

The Convention Staff assumes No responsibility for the condition of the item or the accuracy of the seller’s description on the Auction Forms. Nor is the Convention Staff responsible for mistakes or missing components. All sales are final! Space is limited, so we encourage you to pre-register your items online. 



For convention information, contact Mark Nies or Antina Richards-Pennock.